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We are the first association of Hass avocado growers in Peru. All together, we represent almost 80% of hass plantations located mostly along the Peruvian coast. The purpose of the association is to consolidate our growers efforts in the areas of production and commercialization, and strengthen our position internationally. We facilitate technology transfer, the application of economies of scale, sponsor research programs, and help member growers gain better access to international markets.Membership to ProHass is open to any Hass avocado grower in Peru providing they commit to the industry standards and practices set by the association. There are no membership restrictions regarding plantation size.

Commitment to Quality

At ProHass we understand that the best way to achieve long-lasting business relationships is by providing excellent quality products and service consistently. Our members ability to meet internationally approved standards and regulations has translated into repeated sales and above all, satisfied customers. Major clients are distributors and suppliers of supermarket chains in Europe and Canada. Working closely with them allows our members to adapt to client needs resulting in continuity of supply and optimal returns for all parties. ProHass is helping its members to continually evolve with markets and to be sensitive to customers particular requirements.

Agricultural Practices

Climate and soil conditions along the Peruvian coast contribute favourably to avocado growth. Modern agricultural techniques, as well as irrigation by the drip or aspersion systems used in many of our plantations,.enable our producers to make optimal use of water and fertilizers. ProHass members receive regular assessments on cultivation, harvest, post-harvest techniques and the application of Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) from a team of local and foreign Agricultural Engineers. Special attention is given to the efficient use of natural resources and protection of the environment. The Hass avocado harvest takes place in May, June, July, August and September. This time-frame is an important window of opportunity into international markets.